Employment Assistance

Description of Employment Assistance Provided

Employment in the dental industry is often obtained through word of mouth contacts between practicing dentists and staff. Dentists seeking skilled, trained, and knowledgeable dental assistants often contact us when they are ready to hire. We then consult our files of resumes of recent graduates and attempt to match the two, while keeping in mind personality style and geographic location. Part of your training will involve the Job Interview itself, how to prepare for it, how to dress, what to say, etc. Our students are a reflection of us and we want them to be fully prepared.

Dental Staff School of Tennessee’s Placement Program for Dental Offices

Our graduates are currently employed in many offices throughout the state of Tennessee. Students are prepared and eager to be a part of the dental community. There is NO FEE to your office when you request one of our students. All graduates are certified in Radiology and Safety and are trained in all aspects of Dentistry. Graduates are employed by general dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, and pediodontists.

Graduating students have had extensive hands-on experience with actual chair-side assisting time, four-handed assisting, impressions, pouring, trimming, emphasizing proper instrument transfer techniques and how to use HVE suction. This program is taught in a  dental office with instructors currently practicing in dentistry .

Our instructors are not retired or teaching from past experience with old dental books and materials. All of our dental team instructors have current expanded duty certifications and currently work in the dental field.

You can be assured that our students have been taught the very latest techniques and current treatment room procedures using modern, state-of-the-art equipment.  We provide our graduates to you at NO FEE!

Contact Tricia Stanley for more information:
Phone: 615-707-2513 or email dawn@dentalstaffschooltn.com